• Can I stop paying child support if the other parent won't let me visit my child? Category: Child Support FAQs

    No. You can go to Court and ask to end the child support order until you receive your parenting time, but you cannot end payments without the Court’s permission. The Court does not look favorably on parents who stop child support payments, and the Court will only allow support to be stopped if there is proof that you have had significant problems in exercising your parenting time.

  • Can I stop allowing parenting time if the other parent stops paying child support? Category: Child Support FAQs

    No. You must give the other parent the parenting time ordered even if child support is not being paid.

  • Do support payments end with retirement? Category: Child Support FAQs

    When a person paying support retires, the obligation of support does not automatically end. However, depending on the financial circumstances of the parties, a court may decide to terminate or reduce support based upon the good-faith retirement of the paying party. For more information see Modifications/Post Divorce Issues.

  • How are taxes affected by child support obligations? Category: Child Support FAQs

    Child support payments are not treated as income to the party receiving them, nor are they treated as an income deduction to the party making them.

  • If my spouse and I are separated, can I get child support? Category: Child Support FAQs

    Yes. Child support may be requested and awarded if you and your spouse are physically separated, as part of a Judgment of Legal Separation, or as part of a temporary financial relief order while a divorce matter is pending.

  • Can the child support order include insurance coverage? Category: Child Support FAQs

    A parent may be ordered to pay for the children’s health insurance if it is available through work, a union, or a group. The cost of the insurance coverage may increase or decrease the child support payment, depending on which parent is providing the insurance.

  • Who must pay the child's health care cost that are not covered by insurance? Category: Child Support FAQs

    The parent with custody must pay the “out-of-pocket” costs; however, typically the child support order will state that such costs are to be shared or paid by the other parent. Oregon child support guidelines anticipate that the custodial parent will pay the first $250.00 of unreimbursed medical expenses. This presumption does not exist in Washington.