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Divorce on Demand is Online

Welcome to divorceondemand.com, Oregon’s county-specific, attorney-reviewed online divorce service. Our comprehensive service takes the complicated legal aspects of divorce and breaks it down into four, user-friendly sections. Divorce on Demand makes it easy to draft all of the legal paperwork the court requires for each stage of the separation. You’ll also receive instructions on where and how to file, have access to multiple help guides and can even schedule a consultation with an attorney.

What is Divorce on Demand?

Divorce on Demand is a DIY service available to individuals seeking an uncontested divorce. Instead of paying a large retainer to have an attorney handle your entire divorce, Divorce on Demand allows you to tailor the services you purchase to fit your needs. You have the ability to only choose and pay for the precise services you actually need, making Divorce on Demand an efficient and cost-effective way to have legal help through your divorce. You may choose to have an attorney review divorce documents you have already completed and not yet filed with the court or draft the necessary documents for you. You may also purchase consultations with an attorney in one-half hour increments – as many or as few as you need.

How can Divorce on Demand help my situation?

The steps in a divorce are numerous and confusing. Failing to complete or incorrectly completing one document in the myriad of documents can result in the dismissal or the finalizing of your case without your best interests considered. Divorce on Demand gives you access to legal assistance, at a rate you can afford.

What is the Divorce on Demand process?

With Divorce on Demand, you will apply to be a client online. If eligible, you will be contacted via email that your application has been accepted. Once logged in, you can choose and purchase the services that are right for you. Divorce on Demand’s DIY service will then guide you through the correct questions needed to complete for your divorce. If you also purchased a consultation with a Divorce on Demand attorney, you will be contacted electronically to schedule your meeting.


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