Regardless of your attorney’s hourly rate, you deserve more than just extraordinary legal services.


Our Promise To You

  1. Paperless Billing
    Clients pay online and receive a 1% discount for cash pay (certain rules apply).
  2. Accessibility 24⁄7
    Retained clients receive attorney’s private cell phone numbers. Emergencies happen outside of 9-5 Mon-Fri.
  3. Exclusive Email Accounts
    Each Client receives a secure email address on our private server.
  4. Flexible appointments
    Attorneys are available during non-business hours.
  5. Client Advocates
    Answer non-legal questions for free.
  1. Local Representation
    5 offices in Oregon and SW Washington.
  2. Apartments
    Available for out-of-town and temporarily displaced clients.
  3. Newsletter and Social Media
    Published to educate, not advertise.
  4. Child Centered Solutions
    SK&H formed and funded non-profit that leads the fight to protect children’s needs during family conflict.
  5. In House Experts
    On-staff experts in accounting, bankruptcy, and IT.