SK&H and Family Law

Many people think of the term “family law” as a polite euphemism for “divorce law,” but the field actually covers much more than divorce. Family law issues include all aspects of marriage planning, dissolution of marriage, custody of children, family law mediation, and LGBT family law. Questions about these terms are common, and finding help can be confusing.

Even if you’re not facing pressing legal action, speaking with a family law attorney may help. Many clients come to our firm simply seeking guidance and family law information for their futures. They come to see us just to explore their options, should they consider a divorce in the future. Some of them never come back, and that’s okay. Speaking with an attorney isn’t about immediately taking legal action. It’s about helping you reach peace of mind and preparing you for the future and any family law issues that may arise.

No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, your primary concern should be finding an attorney who can assist you in making informed choices while facing some of the most important decisions in your life. This isn’t a decision that should be rushed. You’ll want to find an attorney you can trust, one who is caring, capable, and confident. Once you’ve found an attorney with whom you’re comfortable, navigating the family law system will be much less daunting. 

Legal Resolution Services: DIY

Using unbundled legal services, you are responsible for your own case, and represent yourself, with an attorney on standby to help you with whatever you ask for help with.  The adverse party and/or their attorney talk to you or write to you directly.  Legal pleadings and letters go to you, not to your attorney.  If you want  help drafting a motion or responding to the other person’s motion, you can make an appointment for a half hour consultation.  If your case goes to trial, your attorney can coach you and role play with you so you know what to expect.  The attorney will help you with what you came in for, and you pay for the time you spent with the attorney.  Thats it!  No retainers, no trust account, no surprises, at least not on your bill!  Learn more about Legal Resolution Services.

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