When Murphy’s Law Hits

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February 21, 2011
Tags: advice | goals

Plans don’t always turn out the way you think they will. Sometimes they end up better, sometimes worse. Occasionally even the most careful planning takes you to a completely different place than where you thought you would be. Anything can happen! The important thing is that you keep making plans, setting goals, and working toward them.

Goal-setting is an art form for which a few simple rules are helpful. Decide what you want and commit to the goals you set. If a goal exists only in your head, it is too easy to abandon. Write down your goal in positive terms, construct detailed instructions to carry it out, and be sure one goal does not contradict others that you’ve set. Getting your goal “out there” on a piece of paper and/or into the minds of others is a powerful first step toward realization.

Next, be willing to be flexible with your goals. They may not always turn out the way you want. Don’t be so stubborn that you hang onto goals when they are obviously heading toward a detour or even a dead end. Goal-setting can be a powerful and ongoing source of self development, provided you actually listen to its message.