What is a QR Code?

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August 1, 2011

A Quick Response code is a square, black-and-white barcode used to give more information about a product or company.

Using a specialized smartphone application, individuals scan the code and their phone will display text right on the screen or direct them to a web page. Popular choices are applications like NeoReader for the iPhone and Barcode for Android phones.

Why Use Them?

Most companies use them to send viewers to their website’s home page while a few, like Home Depot and Target, use them to display additional details about certain products.
At SK&H, our goal is to shed light on the things that are important to our clients. Our latest QR Codes deliver a video, produced completely in-house and featuring real clients, that will play directly on your phone.

How SKH Uses Them

Look for these codes in the July edition of the Winged M, on page 16, and the 2011 edition of SuperLawyers Magazine, on the inside front cover.