Valentine’s Day Singles

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January 30, 2014

The Valentine’s Day marketing machine can make February 14th seem dreary or even cruel if you’re alone, whether it is by choice or by circumstance. It may be hard to see what the holiday has offer when you are bombarded with romantic comedies, event announcements, never-ending drippy advertisements on TV, flowers, romance novels, and cutesy, heart-shaped trinkets in the stores.

Being single doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day has to be a glum occasion. You can still treat yourself and feel good about where you are in life. Spend Valentine’s Day with those you love and who love you. Go to coffee or dinner with some close friends or family; buy yourself chocolates or indulge in what makes you happy in life: wine and a bubble bath, a trip to the massage therapist, or a night curled up with a long-awaited movie or book.  You can spend the time and money you would normally have spent on a partner on yourself, instead. Celebrate love in other ways!

Valentine’s Day is meant for the special someone in your life. But who says that special someone can’t be you? Focus on yourself and what brings you happiness.  One day shouldn’t make or break the satisfaction you have with your life.  All of your wonderful qualities add up to make you one amazing person. Make sure you live life to its fullest 365 days a year. Just because the date is February 14, you shouldn’t change who you are. This Valentine’s Day take time to remind yourself of why you are so singularly spectacular!