Tips for a Successful Move

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November 1, 2011
Tags: advice | family | moving | tips

Whether unexpected or planned, it’s likely that most of us will need to move to a new home at some point in our lives. Moving can run a person through the gamut of emotions, from an excited young person moving out on their own for the first time to a family of four forced to leave town due to a career change. Moving represents a new adventure, a fresh opportunity. Here are a few tips to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Finding the right new place can be quite the challenge. If you live by yourself, your options tend to be pretty open; if you have a family, roommates, or debt, other factors must be taken into account. If you have or plan on having children, make sure to consider the surrounding neighborhood and area schools while evaluating prospective homes. The amount of remodeling a new home may take should also be taken into account.

When it comes to actually moving, taking an inventory is crucial. Why not let technology help out? Instead of jotting down all your worldly possessions into one, easy-to-misplace notepad, productivity apps (found in digital marketplaces such as the Apple App Store) like MyInventory or Home Inventory are a great way to track what items are in which boxes and where those boxes are located. Once your inventory is organized, consider using the move as an opportunity to lighten your load. Donating to Goodwill or holding a yard sale means you will have to move less into the new home.

As you prepare for life in your new home, make sure your new home is prepared for you. This includes setting up utilities like electricity, gas and water to be ready for your first day. Cable and internet services will also likely need to be set up. Finalizing your old home is equally important; those same utilities will need to be deactivated. Before you walk out your front door for the last time, take one more walk-through. You don’t want to leave behind that favorite stuffed animal!