Time to Get Organized

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April 18, 2011

It’s a brand new year–a great opportunity to get organized. Being organized will reduce your stress level, increase your efficiency and give your family more time to relax and have fun. Review our five tips to get your family organized:

tip #1: Have a system: The first step in being organized is creating a system. Whether it’s an electronic organizer or a calendar, you need one central place to enter and prominently display your family’s schedule.

tip #2: Plan ahead: Now that you have a system, enter all the events your family is involved with. This is a great time to enter or schedule all of the school vacations, activities, lessons, clubs, medical appointments, summer camps, and other such activities. Also, pick a time for a family vacation!

tip #3: Family meetings: Whether you have them at parenting time transitions or once a month, it’s a good idea to set a time where everyone gets together and discusses family plans and issues.

tip #4: Get the kids involved: Start teaching your children organizational skills. Older kids can type up mini-calendars. Make a basic daily schedule for young children. Use different stickers for younger children to help them understand the schedule.

tip #5: Free time: Families today have very busy schedules. Make sure to allow for time to simply enjoy being together. Schedule a little time each day to spend together doing activities that are relaxing and fun for the whole family.