The Value of a Handwritten Note

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November 29, 2011

In an age where many businesses seemingly exist exclusively online, the handwritten note has gone by the wayside. Taking its place in the business world are emails and text messages, both of which can be sent at a rapid-fire pace. While the art of writing a note has perhaps lost favor, its intrinsic value could never be higher.

The sheer lack of individuals taking the time to put pen to paper means receiving one generates an even greater emotional response. It means someone cared enough to pause their day, find a decent pen, and write about how they enjoyed your visit, or are appreciative of your business or friendship.

This holiday season, consider finding the time to break away from the computer and write. Write to five individuals you are thankful for; let them know why you are so grateful to have them involved in your life, whether it’s in a personal or professional setting. While you may feel as though you are going over-the-top or are being overly thorough, your recipient will undoubtedly appreciate not only the content of your note, but also the effort that went into it. That type of emotional value, growing increasingly rare in today’s digital age, far exceeds anything that one can buy in a store or convey in an email or text message.