The Man Behind the Voice

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January 24, 2011

Ever wonder about the man behind that smoky, melodious voice that answers the phone when you call our office, pronouncing Sta-han-cyk-Kent-and-Hook in perfect lilting cadence?

Fred Heath has been with the firm a little over three years. It should come as no surprise that his training began in broadcasting, doing voice-over work. A stint at the Lincoln Center Theater in New York further honed his talent. His genial manner instantly puts even the most distressed client at ease.

Fred happens to be multi-talented. Music aficionado Fred personally programs the hold music for the office. The daily choice, classic, country, or contemporary, depends entirely on his mood each day. Chef Fred fills in as the occasional SK&H firm chef and decorator Fred gives regular input on Jody’s newest decorating ideas.

Photographer Fred is currently searching for a gallery venue to showcase his amazing photography collection. Cat lover Fred lives with his black cat Magna Carta and world traveler Fred has been all around the world.

The next time you call, say hello to the many faces of Fred.