The Best of the 2012 Insider

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January 2, 2013

What Did You Read or Comment About the Most from the 2012 Insiders?

July, Smoked Turkey Wrap recipe

For a simple summer meal, try a smoked turkey wrap.

 February, Portland Coffee Drinks guide

Portland, Oregon is known around the country for it’s ability to roast a coffee bean and invent new drinks.

April, This Call May Be Monitored: Recording Telephone Converstations in Oregon article

One common question is whether it is legal to tape record a phone conversation between two people or parties. Federal law and all states prohibit the recording of any telephone conversation which the recording person is not a party…However, in Oregon, it is legal to tape record a telephone conversation as long as one party consents to the recording (see ORS §§165.535, 165.540).

May, Bad Apples: New Virus Affecting Mac Computers article

For many Apple computer owners, the thought of a virus infecting their machine is one that rarely crosses the mind. With less than 10 percent of the market owning a Mac, malware has rarely been much of an issue. Many owners do not even install basic protection spyware on an Apple desktop or laptop, feeling as though it’s unnecessary considering that most viruses are written to affect the PC.

Online during 2012 some of our most popular articles were from previous years but they continue to have important information for our clients.

November 2010, Text Messages In The Family Law Setting article

These days text messaging is often at the forefront of communication between family members. Like e-mail, text messaging provides a quick and convenient avenue for non-spoken communication between parties. Text messaging can be especially valuable in contentious co- parenting situations where one or both of the parents may not feel comfortable speaking with the other parent. Depending on the type of cellular telephone or service options, text messages may also be sent to a party’s e-mail account in order to keep a written record of text messages that have been sent and received.

January 2011, Oregon’s Progressive Adoption Laws – Step Parent Adoption article

Rarely does a family law attorney handle a case that does not involve the possible break up of a relationship, married or unmarried. The process can be traumatic to all involved, especially the children. One exception to this rule is a stepparent adoption. While all adoptions involve the termination of one parent-child relationship and the creation of a new one, stepparent adoptions celebrate the relationship between a parent, their current spouse or partner, and the child. Through the adoption process, the adoptive parent is legally transformed into the child’s “biological parent”, with all of the attendant rights, responsibilities, and obligations.