‘That Something’ for New Year’s

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January 21, 2011

Jody’s infamous Saturday junking junket recently netted a 1914 inspirational pamphlet called “That Something.”

It was written by W.W. Woodbridge and originally published by The Smith-Digby Company in Tacoma, Washington.

The story is timeless, and variations are told around the world. A man down on his luck asks a business man for food. The business man says: “It is not food you need!”

“What then?” asks the protagonist.

“That Something,” was the business man’s reply. “Go and find it, then come and thank me once you have.”

The beggar had a vision, and a voice said to him: “That Something” is that which every man must find in his soul, or else he will be but a clutter of the earth on which he lives… And the talisman of success is these words, “I WILL!”

Upon finding success, the protagonist came to realize “That Something” is real POWER, as truly real as an electric current.

It is the one thing necessary. We are all born much alike. We come into the world all animals of a type. All of us have senses, equally developed. And then we begin to live, animals and all. Until we wake “That Something,” of the soul we live as a horse lives. We bear on our muscle those that have found “That Something.” And we bear them on up the mountain to take their places among the masters of men.

“That Something” lies dormant in every soul until aroused. Sometimes it does not wake until man stands tottering on the border of the grave.

Sometimes it is found by the child, playing by its mother’s knee. Some men have sneered, and called it Luck.

Luck is but the fleeting smile of Fortune. “That Something” is the highway to her home. A man’s success depends alone on “That Something.”

“That Something” of his SOUL!

Abraham Lincoln found it when he was a lad. It spurred him on, and on and on. Awaken yours — now! Resolving to have “That Something” may be your best New Year’s
resolution ever!