April 11, 2019

Instead of throwing your pineapple scraps in the trash… throw them in a pot and make tepache!


-Leftover pineapple parts (core, skins, scrap)

-1/2 Cup Sugar

-1 Cup Brown Sugar

-1 Teaspoon Coriander

-2 Quarts waters

-Mexican Beer


1. Toss the skins, core & any scrap with sugar, brown sugar, and coriander.

2. Cover with water, mix, cover & put in a dark warm space (ideally around 75 degrees) leave for 2-3 days. It should be a little fizzy.

3. Strain into a bottle that seals and put in the fridge. It should be ready in another day or two. If it’s too fizzy let it alone for a couple days.

Chef Kevin recommends mixing the finished tepache 1/2 & 1/2 with Mexican beer! Grab some nuts and relax in the sun!!