Technology Tips from 2012

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January 2, 2013

Our Favorite Technology Tips of 2012

Instagram, Our Favorite Photo App. June
Instagram is essentially the combination of two services: the ability to snap and edit photographs, and the ability to share those images within a social network comprised of the user’s friends.

QR Codes, Point-and-Know. March
With smartphones everywhere by now, we’re waiting for the next step in phone-evolution. The website, a site dedicated to the latest cultural fads, says that step might just be here, the idea of point-and-know. “The need for instant information and instant access to everything one wants to know is already deeply ingrained in the consumer…”

The State of Twitter. February
The landscape of Twitter has officially changed. What once was billed as a character-limited, microblogging service has morphed into so much more.

The Killer iPad and iPhone App: Flipboard. November
If you love news and information Flipboard is the killer app for your iPad and iPhone. It gathers up news feeds known as RSS along with Twitter feeds to give you all the things you are interested in.

Share Fun Screenshots from Your Child’s iPad. December
Fun screen grabs can easily be sent to grandparents, aunts and uncles. To take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad press the Home and Power buttons together briefly. The screen will flash to let you know it worked.

Going Paperless: Save Space and Trees! September
There are a lot of reasons for an office to go paperless; it saves money, it is better for the environment, and all that paper can take up a lot of space. Going paperless takes a lot of time and effort. While switching to paperless may not be easy, it is worth it.

What is a QR Code? August
A Quick Response code is a square, black-and-white barcode used to give more information about a product or company. Using a specialized smartphone application, individuals scan the code and their phone will display text right on the screen or direct them to a web page. Popular choices are applications like NeoReader for the iPhone and Barcode for Android phones.