Success Requires Vision

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November 2, 2016
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“Creating a vision is the last thing most of us do,” says Lee Rosen, a family law attorney in North Carolina. “We’re busy. We’re on overload… Most of us worry about the future only when it arrives. That’s not likely to get you what you want.”

But Rosen believes creating a vivid vision is the most important thing anyone can do to build a firm foundation for a successful business, but his guidance can also be used for life goals in general. “It’s essential,” says Rosen. “Without a vivid vision, we lack focus, direction, and a clear path from here to there.”

For Rosen, being able to see a vivid vision of your business or life at a future date is essential, especially if you’re not satisfied with your current status. “You must stop, think, and force yourself to see the future,” says Rosen. “You won’t get it exactly right, but you’ll move forward, and you’ll refine along the way. The vision inspires the road map required before you start moving.”

Here are Rosen’s 3 rules for creating a more visionary practice:

1) Appointment: Make an appointment with yourself for thinking. It’s next to impossible to dream/think/imagine the future while working in the day-to-day messiness of work or activities. You’ve got to stop, go somewhere quiet, and think.

2) Let go: Give yourself a blank slate. Disconnect from the expectations of others. Think about yourself and figure out what matters to YOU. Figure out what you need. Decide what’s important to you and build backward from that understanding. Figure out what matters to you.

3) Think: Take the time required, over a period of days or weeks, to see it. Fast-forward and see what you’ve built. Then fix it. Tweak it, twist it, and turn it into what you need it to be to meet the requirements that matter to you in your life. Don’t rush it and don’t expect it to come easily.

By applying these vision-making tools to your daily life you will be able to create a path to the destination you seek and the things you want most in life. It doesn’t get more illuminating than that.

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