Stahancyk, Kent & Hook to Launch Oregon’s Premier Self-Help Divorce Product

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August 31, 2015

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook will roll out Oregon’s first county-specific self-help divorce product September 1.

Divorce on Demand, which has been several years in the making from concept to final testing, is Oregon’s premier solution to filing for divorce without an attorney, and without any botched paperwork. Today, in roughly 80 percent of Oregon divorces, at least one party does not hire an attorney.

But that means thousands of Oregonians are Googling and guessing their way through complex legal jargon, and walking into the courthouse only half sure that what they have in their hands is filled out correctly. The affordable service increases access to legal services for people who simply need help with the paperwork but can’t spend thousands of dollars on an attorney.

“People who can’t afford attorneys aren’t provided equal access to justice in our legal system,” said Stahancyk, Kent & Hook shareholder Bradford F. Miller.

Divorce on Demand addresses the need for streamlined, accessible legal services by offering a full Oregon petition package, complete with county-specific courthouse instructions, for $249.

Legal paperwork that is incorrectly filled out will be returned to petitioners with a remark such as “jurisdictional requirement not met,” or “child support requirement not met” but without an explanation of how to proceed.

For petitioners who cannot afford an attorney, the process is confusing and frustrating.

Divorce on Demand offers a simple call-and-response interface that asks petitioners simple questions while synthesizing complex legal language and generating accurate paperwork that is ready to file. Stahancyk Kent & Hook is offering translation services in Spanish and Russian for Divorce on Demand users.

“Divorce on Demand lowers the barrier to legal services and helps our legal system work better for people who can’t afford attorneys,” said Miller. Divorce is hard enough — the paperwork doesn’t need to be. Divorce on Demand allows Oregonians to do it themselves, but there’s no reason they should have do it alone.