Frank Manners: The Power of Charm

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April 10, 2013

Charm is a cultivated talent, which is nurtured through confidence, and belief in ones abilities as well as through practice and experience. Charm is a powerful tool when used in the correct circumstances. Those who possess a skilled sense of charm are fascinating in action. They are astonishingly capable of boosting the overall morale and mindset of those around them, while also elevating the opinion one may keep of them specifically. To best nurture your own sense of charm, focus on three very important interactive priorities that can be practiced in your daily life: introduction, attention and appreciation.

You have fifteen seconds to make a good impression, so you better make those seconds count. Make the most of your initial introduction when meeting a new person. In combination, direct eye contact and a firm handshake equal a killer combo. Make a point to greet everyone individually. Make them feel important; show them they are worth your time and direct attention. A personal and unique greeting is fundamental to setting a strong foundation for the building of new relationships.

Once you have greeted a new person and are engaging in conversation, nothing is more important than your full and undivided attention. Listening is key to an intelligent and authentic response. If you are distracted, they could feel you are uninterested and thus disrespecting them. Failing to follow this second insight could possibly undo all of the important groundwork you laid during your stellar first impression.

Appreciation of the interaction is a strong follow-up. Be extremely generous with saying, “thank you” and remarking how interesting the conversation has been. Acknowledging their opinions is the surest way to help them think highly of you.

Cultivating charm through these aspects of life will soon bestow upon you a strong sense of admiration and appreciation from others.