SKH’s PDX Managing Shareholder, Laurel Hook, Makes Int’l News

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June 7, 2021

Stahancyk, Kent and Hook’s Portland Managing Shareholder, Laurel Hook, made international news with her successful defense of reproductive rights.

From Daily Mail: A real estate tycoon has been declared the sole parent of his son who was born via a surrogate with his former girlfriend’s donated eggs, following a four-year court battle where he claimed his ex had agreed any male embryos would be just his.  Jordan Schnitzer, the 70-year-old multi-millionaire philanthropist from Oregon, celebrated a legal victory [led by Stahancyk, Kent and Hook’s own Laurel Hook ]Thursday when an appeals court reversed the 2017 ruling in the case.  The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Schnitzer Thursday, taking away Sause’s right to have any contact with the child going forward. Two of the three appeals court judges sided with the father saying Schnitzer was entitled to be declared the ‘sole legal parent.’ They also ruled that the Multnomah County Circuit judge had erred in determining that ‘Sause’s genetic connection’ to the child made her his legal mother.   

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