SK&H welcomes Michelle Prosser

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August 13, 2012

Stahancyk Kent & Hook is excited to welcome Michelle Prosser to our firm as an associate attorney in our Portland office.
After graduating from Lewis & Clark Law School, Prosser started a solo practice where she focused exclusively on family law for three years. During this time, she honed her skills in the areas of discovery, settlement negotiations, and litigation, in addition to gaining experience with international and interstate issues. In 2006, she began working at the St. Andrew Legal Clinic (SALC), where she provided legal assistance to Portlanders with limited financial resources. Less than a year after she started at SALC, she was promoted to branch manager. In that position, she managed five attorneys and four staff members in addition to maintaining a full-time case load. In October of 2008, Michelle left the SALC and shifted her focus back to family law, along with some criminal defense work.
With years of experience under her belt, Michelle understands the emotional difficulties inherent in the divorce process. She believes that a part of her job is to eliminate a client’s anxiety about the unknown and explain the possible outcomes in addition to the law itself.
Michelle is there to help you stay informed, prepared and ready to address the important legal issues you face.
Her wealth of experience in both family and criminal law allows Michelle to give her clients the tools they need to make informed and intelligent decisions about their future, and the future of their families. Michelle prides herself on negotiating settlements for her clients in difficult situations; she balances keeping her clients focused on the important legal issues at hand with providing support in navigating the emotionally draining time in their lives.