SK&H in the running for Sustainable Law Office Leadership Award

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June 15, 2015

Green world concept

Sit down to lunch at Stahancyk, Kent & Hook and you’ll likely be eating free range eggs and organic vegetables grown right here in the Northwest.

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook is in the running for the Oregon State Bar Sustainable Future Section for their 2015 Sustainable Law office Leadership Award. This year’s award will go to the law office that has made the most meaningful efforts to implement food scrap composting. Composting efforts make a big difference for our environment because food scraps take up space in landfills and release methane gas but in a commercial compost system, food scraps can become bio gas, which provides electricity for local homes and businesses.

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook P.C.  has always made strides in sustainability by using real plates and silverware instead of disposable, using glasses instead of pop cans, raising chickens, growing fresh vegetables, and we are also “paperless” in our legal side.

This award has recognized offices that have displayed leadership in the profession for firm sustainability initiatives and offices that have implemented innovative practices to increase sustainability. Receiving this award is a big honor and we hope to be considered for it, as well as continue to inspire our employees, attorneys and shareholders to create a sustainable future.