SKH Donates Computers to Serve the Community: Partnership to End Poverty

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December 28, 2010

Five computers donated by family law firm Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, P.C. were delivered to two Central Oregon non-profits with help from the Partnership to End Poverty, a Redmond-based non-profit that connects charitable donors with organizations in need.

Four Computers and a printer were given to the First Baptist Church Tutoring Center in Prineville. Pastor Mike Phay says that the computers will be used in the new after-school tutoring center to help kids do research, write papers, and excel in their schoolwork. Partnership to end Poverty helped SK&H donate the remaining computer and a multi-function printer/fax/scanner to the new Crook County Homeless Shelter, run by Lutheran Family services. The shelter was set to open in late November. The computer and printer will give homeless men and women and women staying at the shelter a much-needed technological resource for job applications and keeping in touch with loved ones.

The IT department of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook equipped the five G4 iMacs with keybords, speakers, all original software as well as Open Office software, and ethernet and phone cables. The firm also donated the technical support needed to get the computers up and running. Pete Hernberg, technical contractor for the firm and resident of Prineville, has volunteered to train the shelter and tutoring center staff in using the Macs.