Six Ways to Stay Focused at Work After a Breakup

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August 31, 2016

Life always goes on, and that’s one of the most difficult parts of the dissolution of a marriage. Even though the world may feel like it’s shattered, there are still professional responsibilities that need tending to.

A recent article on work performance impacts sites research that indicates the following:

• The average cost of divorcing employees to an organization is $83,171 per year.
• It can take up to five years for employee productivity to rebound after a breakup.
• Child custody disputes often create significant cost for employers, which include administration of health care, absenteeism, time off for court dates, and shortened work hours for the divorcing.

The writer Shawn Garrison builds off this research and provides tips for surviving the work day and staying focused on your career while going through a divorce:

Notify your supervisor
It’s wise to let your supervisor know what you’re going through.
You only have to give basic info, but let him or her know you’re dealing with some personal challenges and might have some occasional time constraints or schedule conflicts during this process. Find out if there is any leeway with your schedule that could help you.

Limit dissolution-related messages
Unless there is an emergency involving your kids, it’s a good idea to block communication until after 5 p.m. This means no calls, texts or emails.

Compartmentalize everything
An effective way to stay productive is by scheduling every detail of your life so you make sure you check off everything you need to get done. One of the best ways to cope with the stress is by keeping your mind busy. So throw yourself into your work.

Find support outside of work
It’s especially important to establish a core support group outside of work who can help you through this transition. Enlist the help of family, friends, neighbors, and other people you trust not only to provide a listening ear, but also to help with things like picking the kids up from school.

Stay healthy
Make sure you’re eating healthy food, exercising consistently, and getting plenty of sleep. The better you take care of yourself, the better you’ll feel and the more productive you’ll be when you’re on the clock.

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