How to Push Your “Go” Button

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July 5, 2016

Motivate 2

It seems like after a long holiday weekend everyone needs a good kick in the pants to find motivation. And sometimes we need more than a little push. That leaves the question, how can you hit the reset button to get yourself motivated?


According to lawyer Lee Rosen, you need to ask yourself three questions:

What got me going before?
How can I do it again?
How did I jump-start my doing and get myself off the couch?


The first step, according to Rosen, is that we simply need a clear sense of what should be done. Setting the goal gets us going. Living without a plan leaves many of us floundering. We need a simple, clear vision of the destination.

After a goal is set, we need a task list with items we can mark off as “done.” Think of it as a dashboard that shows where we were and where we are.

Emotion also is a powerful motivator, regardless of the driver. Access them, and you’ll find energy you didn’t know you had beneath the surface.

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