PBJ List 2017: Largest Oregon & S.W. Washington Women-Owned Businesses

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October 23, 2017

Congratulations SK&H, once again, making it on the list of PBJ List 2017 Portland Business Journal‘s list of “Largest Oregon & S.W. Wash. Women-Owned Businesses.” 

SKH appears at No. 14 in the list of the top 24 women-owned businesses that are ranked by the number of employees. 

SKH would also like to congratulate the other women-owned businesses that made the list this year. 

Photo of Jody Stahancyk. PBJ List 2017

Jody Stahancyk, Senior shareholder and President

Laurel Hook, Stahancyk, Kent & Hook managing shareholder. PBJ List 2017

Laurel Hook, Managing shareholder – NW Oregon and Washington











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