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Charoset Quinoa

Quinoa is considered a “super food” and we found a SUPER way to use your leftovers!

Brown Sugar Rice Pudding

Let’s use that leftover rice to make something nice!! To find more recipes like…

Bacon Jam

Just the perfect amount of salty and sweet to start or end your day!

DIY Toothpaste

After a recent dentist experience, I was told to make my own toothpaste! Don’t buy it!

Christmas Casserole

Are you still unwrapping your Christmas leftovers? We can help with that! -Whatever protein…

Cashew Butter

STOP throwing your used coffee grounds down the drain and START throwing them in…

Champagne Vinegar

Just because you cannot drink your champagne DOES NOT mean you cannot use your…

Flavored Sugar

This week for #ZeroWasteFriday we decided to have a family-friendly activity/treat that you can…