Megan Haase: From Student Worker to CEO

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July 21, 2015

Megan Haase-photo by Jason Kaplan

Megan Haase is the CEO of Mosaic Medical, a federally qualified health center that uses the Alternative Payment Model. | Photo: Jason Kaplan; Oregon Business

At age 13, Mosaic Medical CEO Megan Haase was such a promising student worker that one of Portland’s top law firms offered to pay her way through law school, for free.

But even in the 1980s, Haase knew her calling wasn’t in the legal field — it was in health care where she’s gone on to leave her mark and better the lives of Oregonians.

Today, Haase heads up Mosaic Medical, an Oregon health center pioneering an innovative new health payment solution that increases patient access to health care, especially in rural areas. Before she set her sights on Oregon’s health care system, Haase was the first ever student worker at Stahancyk, Kent & Hook P.C., where she assisted staff and bolstered the overall success of the law firm.

“We offered to send her to law school,” said SK&H Senior Shareholder and President Stahancyk. “We’d pay for everything. She was that good.

Haase worked with the SK&H family off and on through high school and after she graduated from college. But presented with the opportunity to receive a free education from the firm, Haase declined, and chose to pursue her passion in health instead.

“Our loss is the Health Care Industry’s win,” said Stahancyk.

It was a win for Haase, and Oregonians, too. Mosaic Medical is one of only three Federally Qualified Health Centers in the state of Oregon using the Alternative Payment Model. Mosaic doesn’t get paid based on the number of patient visits or services the company provides. Rather, Mosaic receives a monthly rate per patient, based on the size and composition of the patient population, incorporating phone check-ins — what the industry dubs “telemedicine” — and remote monitoring, which serves patients in remote areas.

Student Worker Program

Haase was the first of many student workers to come through the doors of SK&H, and the firm is proud of every one of them. Since the 1980s, SK&H has had a mission to teach high school, college and graduate students the value of hard work while equipping them with the tools they need to enter the work force.

SK&H could not be happier to have known Haase decades ago, and to watch her flourish today. Megan Haase has always blazed her own trail and she truly deserves all of her success. She is a role model for what the right attitude and dedication can bring.


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