Making Summertime Plans

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January 19, 2011

It’s not rocket science, although sometimes it seems as though it might be.

Arranging summer plans for children of divorce often provides an early springtime challenge for divorced parents, but this need not be true.

A mutual commitment to make the child(ren) the focal point is a necessary first step. Divorced parents must approach this annual planning session with an air of flexibility and cooperation. Hopefully, the end prize is a stress free, interesting school vacation in which both parents can play active roles in building strong supportive networks for their child(ren).

A few practical tips are worth noting. First, start making plans early. Organizing the calendars for multiple households, finding availability in choice camps and programs, and planning vacation schedules for working parents are accomplished more easily with an early start. Respond to your “ex” promptly and politely. If you must say no, do your best to suggest a palatable alternative. Cooperating in this way seems an appropriate thank you to the child(ren) who are shuttled between two households throughout the year. More importantly, it will reassure your child(ren) that the love you share for them cannot be diminished by divorce. After all, it’s not rocket science.