Lincoln High School Football 2009

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December 6, 2009

2009_cardinals_team_photo_625x479 ScheduleSK&H Cheered the Cardinals all the way to the Playoffs

sized_game_photo_300x201The Cardinals fought adversity in 2009, both on and off the field. The team pulled together to end with a 6-5-0 record, even after the head coach and two assistant coaches resigned early in the season. The entire Lincoln community rallied behind the football players during this difficult time, and the players themselves exemplified strength of character and leadership in how they represented their team, school, and community. SK&H stood behind our favorite team the whole way, supporting them in any and every way we could.

Knowing a thing or two about marching through adversity, Jody Stahancyk encouraged the Cardinals with her ritual pep-talks before every game. And of course, the Cardinals also feasted on Chef Javier’s famous pre-game mac and cheese.

sized_game_photo_300x200Championing the Cardinals gave our SK&H Summer Student Interns the opportunity to let their creativity shine while supporting other students in their athletic endeavors. The 2009 Student Interns designed water bottle labels, placemats, and motivational posters for every game in the 2009 season. The students also designed and printed trading cards for the Cardinals to collect, featuring NFL legends like Peyton Manning and Reggie White. The students picked quotes from each football great, specifically chosen to inspire the Cardinals to victory.

Persevering through difficult times, the Cardinals showed that it takes more than a little bump in the road to throw them off course, and SK&H was proud to stand behind them all the way!

2009-2010 Varsity Roster

1Deandre TaylorSr.WR6’2″190
2Nate KirkpatrickSr.RB5’11”180
3Thomas HanacekJr.MLB5’9″200
4Sammy RosenthalSr.WR5’9″175
5Hank PartlowSr.OLB6’0″190
6Louis ColasurdoJr.OLB5’11”195
7Themba MutepfaSr.MLB5’11”200
8Nick MillerSr.DB5’11”200
9Cameron TramplinJr.DL6’0″220
12Blake RudolphSr.QB6’0″220
15Henry FurmanJr.QB6’4″175
17Tyler LangSr.OLB6’0″190
19Eric EvansJr.RB5’11”185
20Carson MasseyJr.DB5’10”165
23Ryan LaceySr.WR6’1″175
24Jeff PulliamSr.DB5’9″165
25Emiliano Haynes CalderaJr.DB5’11”175
26Jack WalshSr.K5’11”175
27Scott StrandSr.DB5’10”170
29Simon KaplanJr.WR5’11”175
32Deandre WarrenJr.RB5’10”185
34Sandy KennedyJr.DB5’9″175
38Ryan ElliottSr.WR6’0″180
40Chris BoydSr.DL/OL6’0″215
42Blake KingsleySr.RB5’10”165
44Michael GreenSr.RB6’2″200
47Chuy MoraSo.LB5’10”220
49Taylor FoxJr.DL6’2″220
50Nick BoileauSr.OL6’2″225
51Stefan JohannessenSo.LB5’11”190
54Will HurstSo.OL6’2″250
55Eric IretonJr.OL5’10”190
65Colton MorkSr.OL6’2″260
67Ben CulliganJr.OL6’3″225
74Jordan KirschJr.OL6’1″205
77Luke HartwigSr.OL6’7″295
78Ian WilliamsonJr.OL6’2″215
81Anthony HaggarJr.WR6’1″180
83J.D. EstersJr.WR6’1″180
86Kevin MarkoJr.WR5’10”150
91Eric MishlerSr.DL6’5″225
92Andy FishSr.DL6’2″215
99Marcus JohannessenSr.OL/DL6’3″260