Lincoln High School Football 2004

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December 6, 2004

Lincoln High School Cardinals 2004 Team
LHS Cardinals 2004 Schedule

SK&H Cheered the Cardinals all the way to the Playoffs

The Cardinals impressed SK&H and all their fans by playing a record breaking season in 2004. They won the PIL title for the first time in 39 years and went undefeated to the playoffs. Congratulations we are so proud of your accomplishment, Cardinals!

2004 LHS Cardinals eating at SKH before a game.Here they are carbing up before their games at The Cardinals’ nest here at SK&H where our chef prepares a nourishing meal for them. We consulted professionals, including Ingrid Skoog, Director of Sports Nutritionist at University of Oregon, and experts at Sports Lab in Portland, so our chef could prepare appropriate and nutritious meals. The experts tell us that young athletes should be eating about 3.5 to 4 hours before competing. The meal should be high in carbohydrates and include a lean protein.

2004-2005 Varsity Roster

1Brandon MillerSr.K6’2″190
2Luke YeagerSr.DB/WR6’0″180
3Derek OsgoodSr.QB/LB6’1″195
5Dylan FainoSo.DB/WR6’0″170
6Phillip NeimanSr.DB/WR6’0″175
7Ryan KolstadSr.WR/TB6’2″205
8Colin BeesonSr.QB6’4″200
0Andrew HollandSr.DL6’0″285
10Ted GambleSo.WR5’10”150
11Connor KavanaughSo.QB/DB5’11”165
15Latravis TurnerSr.WR/DB6’5″220
17Paul PartlowJr.LB/QB6’0″190
20Kraig KrowJr.RB/LB5’10”180
21Grant BunnageJr.WR/DB5’11”160
24Charles HendricksonSr.WR/DB6’2″185
25Andrew SakaiSo.RB/LB5’10”185
28John SheffieldJr.WR/LB6’1″195
32Ryan ShaversSr.RB/DB5’10”170
33Michael JohnsonJr.RB/LB6’0″210
34Tyrrell JenkinsSr.WR/DB6’0″180
35Kenji KurosakiJr.LB/RB5’10”175
41Joji KurosakiSr.LB/RB5’10”205
42Grant WaiterSr.DL/RB5’10”240
44Dave EhrlichSr.LB/WR5’10”175
50Mark MeyerSr.OL/DL6’3″235
51Mark WaiterJr.OL/DL6’0″205
54Max HamlinJr.WR/DB5’9″200
55Vini ColasurdoJr.OL/LB5’11”210
58Phillip JonesSr.OL/DL6’4″240
62Allen SteigerwaldSr.OL/DL6’2″210
64Nick FarrisJr.OL/DL6’0″215
65Marshall CowdenSr.OL/DL6’3″255
68Brandt VanceJr.OL/DL5’9″220
72Patrick WilsonJr.OL/DL5’9″230
73Jacob ParsleyJr.OL/DL6’2″230
74Keith SchaeferJr.OL/DL6’2″220
75Jim BennettsSr.OL/DL6’5″245
77Eli FavilleSr.OL/DL6’3″215
80Kirk BerryJr.WR/DB5’11”175
81Nick SavinarJr.WR/DB5’10”170
82Christian MarshJr.WR5’10”180
83Taylor KavanaughSr.WR/LB5’10”170
89Elijah HaleSr.OL/DL6’3″225
91Blake AndersonJr.DL6’3″210
92Dan GollidaySr.OL/DL6’1″205
98Jeremy WearnJr.DL6’2″195