Five Life Lessons For Those Going Through the Dissolution of a Relationship

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December 1, 2016
Tags: advice

Rosemond, who writes about her life on her website,, shares five great life lessons for those going through the dissolution of a relationship or marriage. Although they may sound familiar to some, they are good reminder to those who are in the “weeds,” so to speak, and could use a little encouragement, especially during this busy, holiday-focused time of year.

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Stuff doesn’t matter.
Rosie believes we are not our “things,” and that all the stuff people accumulate, really doesn’t matter…”Divorce and moving made me realize that when it comes down to it, we are not our stuff.”

Real friends will listen more than they talk.
“You might have lots of people you consider friends in your life, but once you’re mid divorce, you will quickly come to realize those people that you can count on,” says Rosie. She says you can spot a real friend by how they respond to you. “I found that real friends didn’t ask too many questions. They don’t pry. Real friends seemed to instinctively know that I needed someone to listen as I worked things out, vented, or just needed to cry. No lectures.” She concludes about friendship: “know you’ve found a real friend when they are willing to just listen.”

You are so much stronger than you realize.
You feel fragile and breakable but you can handle more than you ever imagined. Why? Because, if you’ve got kids, you have no choice but to keep on going. Says Rosie: “sometimes you just have to keep marching. You’ll be scared, lonely, sad, panicked. You’ll feel it all. Just keep marching.”

Tomorrow is another day.
“Some days you’ll think that it won’t end. It will. You’ll go to sleep, wake up, and things won’t be as bleak. The bad stuff has an ending point… It will be over and you’ll be moving on with setting yourself on your new course and new life.”

Not everyone will come with you.
Rosie believes divorce gives you clarity in your life: “There were people in my life who didn’t make the journey with me. Relationships that just didn’t seem worth my limited time and my very stretched and raw emotions. That’a good thing. Sometimes you have to be in this very real, honest place to access your life. Some people just don’t make the cut.”

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