Jody Stahancyk featured on Panel Discussion at PSU

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December 9, 2014
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Today, Senior Shareholder and President of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, Jody L. Stahancyk, featured on a Panel Discussion at PSU that addressed the Digital Marketing class of Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) with a discussion focusing on professionalism and employability.

CEPE, part of Portland State University’s School of Business Administration, helps working professionals elevate their careers through learning new skills and opening up networking oppurtunities. The Digital Marketing class at CEPE better prepares students for the working world by providing access to leaders in the Portland business community.

The panel also included Nigel Ballard, Intel’s Director of Federal Marketing as well as Kent Lewis, President & Founder of Anvil Media – a local Portland company that specializes in search engine optimization, social media marketing and analytics.

Ms. Stahancyk’s speech centered on the importance of social awareness when accepting a job. “You are joing a club, a team, a culture – whatever the company does, you’ll want to fit in.” She goes on to say, “Relationships are everything” and points out the value in making first impressions as well as being mindful of networking possibilites in every stage of your career.

Jody Stahancyk apart of a panel discussion for PSU's digital marketing class.

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