Jody Stahancyk Donates to Oregon Zoo

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April 6, 2012

Jody Stahancyk, candidate for the Willamette Week’s Mayoral Madness Josiah Failing Regional Election and president of the family law firm Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, has committed to donating to the Oregon Zoo’s Presents for Packy fund if she defeats her opponent in this weekend’s contest.

During an earlier round, while facing Packy the elephant, our opponent posted several derogatory statements on his blog attacking Packy. After reading the posts Ms. Stahancyk wished to express her solidarity with Packy, the Oregon Zoo, and all animals that have felt the sting of slander. When asked about the statements, Ms. Stahancyk commented,

“My opponent seems to think that insulting Packy is fair game in this election, just because he cannot refute the accusation. My campaign would never stoop to distracting voters with this type of salacious speculation, because an elephant does not forget and Jody Stahancyk does not lose.”

Ms. Stahancyk is donating $500 to the Presents for Packy program, supporting the construction of the Zoo’s new elephant habitat and in celebration of Packy’s upcoming 50th birthday (see the Oregon Zoo’s website for more details).

To cast your ballot in support of the Oregon Zoo and Ms. Stahancyk in the Josiah Failing Regional, please visit this Saturday and follow the instructions on page. Polls will be open this weekend and close Monday, 8pm.

Support animal welfare and vote Jody Stahancyk for (pretend) mayor of Portland!