Jody Stahancyk: A Minute To Win It

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May 12, 2021

Each Of Us Can Be Well-Heeled. Well-heeled means that one has plenty of money. In early American history, well heeled referred to a person who was prepared. In the early 1800’s, it referred to shoes.. Take a look at your shoes. Are they in good repair? Do they match the style of your attire? How are your heels? Your shoes indicate if you are well-dressed. You may not be able to afford custom-made shoes, but your shoes can still indicate attention to detail. Next time you size up a person start with their feet – poorly shod is often a failure to attend to details, a disaster if you need to rely on them for your future goals. Simple steps make the difference in how we are perceived. Do not miss out on an easy way to make a good impression.—Jody Stahancyk

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook has grown from one office in Portland to include offices in Bend, Prineville, Eugene, Astoria, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. SKH is one of the leading divorce, family law, and estate planning firms in the Northwest.