It Takes Two…

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April 3, 2011

It will soon be back to school time for the children. For newly divorced parents, school can be a difficult subject. Regardless of joint or sole custody, each parent has the right to be involved with their child’s school activities absent a court order to the contrary, such as a FAPA restraining order.

Ideally, each parent should be responsible for gathering important school dates, such as parent teacher conferences or field trips. However, there can be miscommunications with regard to a parent address with the school and often one parent is not receiving the same information as the other parent. To make both communication with the other parent and parenting time exchanges less difficult, parents of a school aged child should communicate about upcoming events. If talking to the other parent is still difficult, write an e-mail about the important dates at the school. Remember that your child should never be the messenger of this information!

The more involved both parents are at school, the greater chance that their child will excel.