We Didn’t Know We Were Going to Have a Party. But What a Success!

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May 3, 2016

impromptu partyWhat an amazing team! Only rock stars could plan an impromptu party at 10am and have more than 100 people show up at 5pm to celebrate! We raised a glass to Jody who started this firm 30 years ago in May 1986. “My team continues to exceed my expectations!” Jody gushes, and sends thanks to everyone for the many messages, flowers, and “liquid” gifts sent!

The key to an impromptu party is not to overthink it. The success rate of an impromptu party depends on the time and care you’ve shown to people that you care about most. When you show care, they reflect that same (and sometimes even better) level of care back. Jody is the master of care and intuition; and the success of this party only reflects her outstanding ability to sentimentally touch the lives of all of the great people she surrounds herself with.