Frank Manners: Respect, Gratitude and Common Courtesy

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June 6, 2013

A workplace environment, where many individuals work together can often bring about unique and challenging interactions. Developing strong communication skills that place the value of respect, gratitude and courtesy above all, is paramount to successful inter-office relations.

Granted, circumstances are different and inter-office relations evolve. Each person must highly regard the opinions and emotions of those they interact with. It is beneficial to always project the most constructively positive aspects of yourself to those around you.

Practicing self-respect and acknowledging the respect you receive from others enables you to give respect to others. One polite way to show respect is simple acknowledgement of the people around you. Say hello to your colleagues and engage them in conversation. Even if those conversations are brief and mainly work related, it shows that you are a pleasant and supportive person to communicate with. Another form of respect is listening intently to those around you. Listening involves actively engaging in what is being said and then offering a genuine response for them to engage with. Being grateful for the challenges in your life, both the pleasant and the straining is the best outlook to practice. When a person practices gratitude during every moment of their day, they are more likely to have a smoother road to success.

The final puzzle piece to respect and gratitude is courtesy. Common courtesy is not actually so common these days. Simply saying please and thank you after each request from colleagues goes a long way to making them feel appreciated and respected. Remember to always take the time to exercise common courtesy when interacting in the workplace.

Communicating is not just stringing words together into coherent sentences. There are many points along the way where one can infuse words with respect, gratitude and common courtesy. Knowing how to recognize those pressure points throughout the conversation and utilize them will be a sure fire way to improve most inter-office relationships.