Frank Manners: Professional Etiquette

Apply to be a client
May 2, 2013

A confident handshake and a professional demeanor can take a person a long way. As students are gearing up for summer break and applying for jobs, now is the time for them  to start practicing professional etiquette.

In these tough economic times, it is critical for students and recent graduates to keep in mind that while they are qualified, educated people, they may still face additional barriers to entering the workforce. The ability to make a strong first impression is becoming more important in a time when resumes and qualifications look more alike.

Although this new generation of young adults may want to reject the guidelines of what proper etiquette is and how to use it, there are still some tried and true rules that never go out of style. By incorporating these skills into daily life, one will find that those good manners are easy and intuitive.

While applying for jobs, it is important to remember a few key things:

  • Communication: Speak slowly and thoughtfully, don’t rush your words or speak over others.
  • Body Language: Minimize non-verbal behaviors such as fidgeting or cracking knuckles, have good posture and, while you may be nervous, don’t forget to smile.
  • Wardrobe: One should dress in a professional manner and err on the side of conservatism.

It is essential to put this knowledge to practice in order to make a distinct impression.