Flavored Sugar

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December 7, 2018

This week for #ZeroWasteFriday we decided to have a family-friendly activity/treat that you can do with your kids around the holiday season!


Things you will need:

1 hammer

1 small nail

Cute mason jars/salt shakers/other small jars

Spice grinder or blender

Peppermint/candy canes

Ground cinnamon or ground cinnamon sticks




1 cup sugar to ½ cup peppermint


1 cup sugar to ½ cinnamon


How to:

  1. If using a mason jar or a jar with no holes, use the hammer and nail to make holes on the lid
  2. Grind the peppermint/cinnamon with the sugar to ensure they are evenly distributed
  3. Add amounts listed above to jar
  4. Tie bows around the jar if you are giving the jars as gifts!


Chef Colton recommends using the peppermint sugar to be sprinkled over the top of hot chocolate or ice cream!


Voila! A fun, family-friendly activity that results in a delicious, sugary treat! These jars make great gifts or are a great addition to your spice cabinet!