Five Tips for Saving Time

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March 24, 2011

As the weather gets warmer, it seems as if schedules get busier. From softball games to corporate picnics and family vacations, our days become so filled with activities that the lazy days of summer pass us by. So try these quick and easy time saving tips to better enjoy the months ahead.

1.) Get a head start. Write down your daily goals the night before for stress-free mornings.

2.) Keep up with daily correspondence. Don’t get caught in a backlog of e-mails. Schedule 15 minutes everyday to monitor your in-box. Use advanced functions such as filters and flags to organize your incoming messages.

3.) Put things away. Although it sounds simple to put things in their place when you are done using them, author James Gleick writes that on any given day “Americans spend 16 minutes looking for things they’ve lost.” That’s 90 hours per year!

4.) Safeguard your peak performance time. Yes, it’s true some of us are morning people while others can burn the midnight oil! “Identify this peak time and protect it for your highest priorities.”

5.) Remember personal time isn’t free. Although it may sound simple, by calling our personal time “free,” we make it available to outside people and projects. Remember to use personal time for individual needs.