The Farmers Market Experience

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June 16, 2014

After divorce, or any life transition, people need to establish new routines. Frequently one new routine is cooking. If your partner has been providing all the meals and doing all the grocery shopping, it can seem daunting to establish a new relationship with food. Dining out every day is expensive, and it may not be the healthiest way to obtain nutrients.

Buying groceries at your local farmers market can be fun. A farmers market is made up of individual sellers, commonly farmers, who set up stands to sell their products. With growing interest in living a healthier lifestyle, and the long awaited return of summer weather, farmers markets are popping up all over the Portland Metro area.

Farmers markets carry a wide variety of local, organic goods. In addition to fruit and vegetable produce, many farmers markets have meats, dairy, honey, and locally made wine. Some markets may even go as far as having locally made pasta, jewelry, art, soaps, and candles. What’s more, farmers usually have recipes to share for the maximum enjoyment of their products.

When you shop locally at a farmers market, you are not only helping yourself, you are helping to keep farmers in business, create local jobs, and raise income levels in the community. Farmers markets also provide higher quality products, smaller environmental impact, better prices, and a sense of community involvement. Large farmers markets can include entertainment such as music and performances, making these areas an ideal place to spend some time relaxing in the beautiful summer weather and getting to know your neighbors.

Give yourself a change of scenery this summer. Try cooking a new cuisine with local ingredients, and enjoy a day outside meeting new people at your neighborhood farmers market.