Elevate Your Career VOL#2: Business Cards

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April 29, 2024

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The almighty business card is not dead! Your business card is not just a piece of paper with your contact details; it’s a powerful asset that can be a catalyst for career advancement. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  1. Keep Them Accessible: Carry a stack of business cards with you, ensuring they’re readily available whenever an opportunity for networking arises.

  2. Make a Memorable First Impression: Hand out your business card with confidence and a smile, engaging in genuine conversation before exchanging cards to leave a positive and lasting impression.

  3. Make the Recipient Feel Special: In their presence, write your cell phone number on the card, so that they feel like your cell number is an exclusive way to contact you.

  4. Personalize Each Exchange: Remember other people like to talk about themselves more than hear about you.

  5. Be Selective in Distribution: Distribute your business cards strategically to individuals who are likely to benefit from your services, expertise, or industry connections.

  6. Create a Contact: After exchanging business cards, create a contact for each individual you meet in your phone so that you can greet them by name when they call. Note relevant details about the individual and the nature of your conversation to facilitate meaningful follow-up. Click here for tips on how to automate this with your iPhone camera.

  7. Continuously Update and Refine: Regularly review and update your business cards to ensure they accurately reflect your current contact information and professional accomplishments, keeping them fresh and relevant.

  8. Keep The Cards You Collect: Keep the cards in a safe place in alphabetical order as an emergency backup to your phone’s contacts.

In this day and age of mostly intangible digital interactions, handing someone a tangible business card can be a powerful tool. By incorporating these best practices, you can maximize your business card’s effectiveness as a networking and branding tool, ultimately helping you to build valuable connections and advance your professional goals.

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