Elevate Your Career VOL #1: LinkedIn

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April 29, 2024

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LinkedIn is so much more than just a tool to find a job! Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into a platform that can supercharge your professional network, showcase your skills and expertise, learn, and stay on the cutting edge of your field, and easily seek advice and support from colleagues and other professionals in similar careers. This can open doors to new opportunities or help develop skills that could otherwise be much more difficult to access outside of LinkedIn. Best of all, most of these resources are completely free.

The biggest mistake people often make with LinkedIn is they decide to become active only when they are looking for a job. Don’t be one of those people! Building a presence and getting real career benefits from LinkedIn takes time and consistency, and it is much easier to do this through simple once-weekly interactions rather than once-every-job-search flurries of activity.

 In short, LinkedIn is your secret weapon for professional growth and advancement. Below are 10 concrete steps you can take to increase your presence and harness the power of LinkedIn:

 1. Optimize Your Profile: Create a compelling LinkedIn profile that highlights your professional experience, skills, and accomplishments. Use a professional profile photo, write a concise and engaging headline, and include relevant keywords to improve your visibility in searches. Keep your profile updated often as your career evolves.

 2. Regularly Share Content: Share valuable and relevant content with your network, such as industry insights, articles, blog posts, or updates about your work. Engage with your connections by commenting on and liking their posts, and don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts and experiences.

 3. Publish LinkedIn Articles: Demonstrate your expertise by publishing articles directly on LinkedIn. Share your insights, experiences, and best practices related to your field or industry. Publishing articles can help you establish credibility, attract followers, and expand your reach.

 4. Participate in Groups: Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry, interests, or professional goals. Engage in group discussions, ask questions, share knowledge, and connect with like-minded professionals. Participating in groups can help you expand your network and establish yourself as a knowledgeable contributor.

 5. Utilize LinkedIn Stories and Video: Take advantage of LinkedIn’s features such as stories and native video to share how you approach your career, insights on your field, or tips on getting it all done. Video content tends to be more engaging and can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.

 6. Engage with Your Network: Actively engage with your connections by congratulating them on work anniversaries, promotions, or other achievements. Send personalized messages to reconnect with former colleagues or acquaintances and nurture professional relationships.

 7. Attend and Promote Events: Use LinkedIn Events to discover and attend industry events, webinars, or conferences. Share events with your network, participate in discussions during events, and follow up with attendees afterward to continue networking.

 8. Request and Provide Recommendations: Request recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or clients to showcase your skills and expertise. Similarly, offer to write recommendations for others in your network to strengthen professional relationships and establish yourself as a supportive and valuable connection.

 9. Be Consistent and Authentic: Consistently share valuable content, engage with your network, and maintain an authentic voice. Avoid over-promotion and focus on providing value to your audience. Building a strong presence on LinkedIn takes time and effort, so stay committed and genuine in your interactions.

 10. Follow and connect with SKH: By connecting and following SKH on LinkedIn, we can more easily share your content and celebrate your achievements, and you’ll be able to share and leverage relevant content from SKH to your own network. To follow SKH on LinkedIn, click here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/stahancyk-kent-&-hook-p-c-/

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