At Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, we pride ourselves on investing in people and having a positive impact on our community. Our corporate culture encourages and expects our attorneys to take care of our clients and to be involved with multiple community organizations.

When Jody Stahancyk founded the firm in 1986, her guiding philosophy for how clients should be treated was: It’s all about you. “It’s not enough to make the best legal argument; that’s the base. On top of that, we need to look out for our clients and help them anticipate what’s down the road,” Stahancyk says. “We see what they need beyond just what pleading to file. We see them as whole individuals and help them make the changes that they need to make.”

This culture of caring extends to the communities around us and we enjoy how our involvement builds stronger bonds between both our firm’s and our individual attorney and staff’s connections with the community. As partner Laurel Hook states, “To truly belong to one’s community, one should contribute both talent professionally and passion philanthropically.”


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