Christopher Palmer Chairman of the Board of the Harbor

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December 22, 2014

Christopher Palmer, an associate attorney at SKH’s Astoria office, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of The Harbor, a local non-profit dedicated to serving survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Christopher has been with the organization since October of 2013, then known as Catsop County Women’s Resource Center. In January of last year, he was elected Chairman by the board, and in March the non-profit changed its name to “The Harbor” to better reflect their mission. The Harbor offer survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault – both men and women – a safe space to talk about what has happened and a chance to begin the healing process. They provide survivors with secure housing, clothing, food, childcare, transportation, and counseling. The Harbor’s services are all free and confidential.

“My hope is that by my service on the Board, I can better ensure that the organization continues providing its services to those in need,” says Christopher. “While I am fortunate to come from a household where there were few instances of domestic violence, so many in our community are faced with this threat on a daily basis. If my time and experience can assist this organization to continue to provide these services, and to make such services available when that need arises, then I feel it’s extremely important for me to be involved.”