Caring For Your Yard After A Storm

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February 1, 2012

With winter in full effect here in the Northwest, it’s high time to take note of how to make sure your yard stays safe and beautiful during those blustery, messy storms. The Oregon Department of Forestry has a number of tips for all property owners. When it comes to caring for your trees, consider the following:

  • Know when you’re in over your head. If trees have large limbs that are broken or hanging dangerously, call a certified arborist to take care of it. Climbing up your own rickety ladder with a chainsaw and hoping for the best is not the way to go.
  • One common method of keeping your yard in tip-top shape after a storm is removing smaller-sized, broken branches still attached to the tree. The Department of Forestry recommends pruning smaller limbs back to the main branch and main branches all the way back to the trunk if they are broken.
  • Topping, the act of removing large branches and tops of trees, is a no-no in the arboricultural world. Professionals say topping will only cause your trees to grow back with weaker branches, creating a potential problem during future storms.
  • The demand for top arborists right after a storm is always going to be high. Make sure to get several estimates before selecting a company. If your yard is in good enough post- storm shape, meaning the damage doesn’t threaten your home or safety, consider waiting to hire someone until the demand, and the prices, comes back down to normal.

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