Buses, Trains, and Tram

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November 5, 2012

Portland has a lot of new options to consider when choosing to take public transportation. New Max Light Rail and Portland Streetcar lines mean that there are more choices than ever. Even if you live across the Columbia river, public transportation is a option. C-Tran, the Clark County public transportation service, has frequent service to and from downtown Portland.

If you commute or frequently take public transportation, there are apps for your smartphone to help you plan your trip, as well as online services from Tri-Met. Visit the Tri-Met website at trimet.org for more info.

During the holiday season, taking a train or bus can make a big difference in reducing your shopping related stress. Just imagine having no traffic or parking headaches to deal with! You’ll still have to manage the long lines and other stressed out shoppers, but at least someone else will do the driving. And if you have out-of-town relatives visiting during the holidays, don’t forget to show off downtown Portland by taking them for a ride up to OHSU on the tram.