Book Review: Getting Past Your Break Up

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June 7, 2013

Working through a breakup, especially one resulting in divorce, is one of the most strenuous situations in one’s life. Coping during such circumstances can be very challenging for many people. Susan J. Elliott’s Getting Past Your Breakup is a beneficial read for anyone going through the dissolution of a long-term relationship, divorce or otherwise, providing a blueprint for restructuring one’s life and making oneself a primary concern again after considering another person for such a long time.

Through her blog posts, workshops and therapeutic outreach, Elliott has helped many people through difficult times. Elliott’s outline begins with setting healthy boundaries, such as no contact with your ex. This allows a person to work through the sadness and pain associated with the ending of a substantial relationship.

Coming from a background of therapy, with critical thinking and creative solutions, Elliott is sensitive to common pitfalls, such as patterned thinking, over-analyzing and critical self-reflection. She constructively presents circumstances that real clients and friends have dealt with to offer advice and coping skills. If you find yourself going through difficult times following the end of a relationship, Susan J. Elliott’s Getting Past Your Breakup can be a great help in taking the first steps towards emotional recovery.

Published by De Capo Press, A member of the Perseus Books Group
Copyright© Susan J. Elliott, 2009