Bend Office Pole Pedal Paddle Team

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May 20, 2014

On Saturday, seven members of the Bend office participated in the US Bank Pole Pedal Paddle race. What was supposed to be a cool, rainy day turned into a stunning sunny day in Central Oregon. In the Pole portion of the race, Fred Schroeder participated in the downhill ski event while Cara Ponzini raced in the classic ski. Shareholder Joel Kent was our “Pedal” participant, while Kyle Piro and Meredith Hoffman paddled our canoe. Shana Sellers and Ashley Cook raced in the running events. Pole, Peddle, Paddle proceeds go to support the Mt. Bachelor Sports Eduction Foundation, a non-profit which focuses on supporting athletic amateur children who participate in alpine, cross country, snowboard, and cycling training, to achieve their athletic, academic, and personal goals.

For more info on the PPP check out their website.

The SK&H team consisted of:
Downhill – Fred
Classic ski – Cara
Bike – Joel
Run – Shana
Canoe – Kyle & Meredith
Sprint – Ashley

SKH Pole Peddle Paddle 2014 team.

SKH Pole Peddle Paddle 2014 team.