A New Philosophy for a New Year

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March 7, 2011

There are more people out walking and running during early January than at any other time of the year. They are usually the ones who resolved to get in shape for the new year – then the holidays end and they get back into old routines. Work starts back up, students go back to school, and there are fewer and fewer people out exercising. The resolutions stop dead in their tracks.

New resolutions often don’t fit into our old lives. If, for example, you resolve to walk a mile a day, but the rest of your free time is spent eating junk food in front of the television, your resolve to walk each day would quickly fade. Even if you were to keep that resolution, it would mean very little. The benefits of daily exercise would be lost in a sea of sloth.

What you need are not isolated resolutions, but changes in personal philosophies that give you a new way of seeing yourself. Resolve not to simply walk each day, but to live a healthier lifestyle.

For your resolution, come up with a broad goal. Maybe you want to be a healthier person, a better worker, or more thoughtful parent. Examine what you do in a typical day to see what helps you toward your goal and what stands in your way, then work on removing those obstacles. For example, try replacing an hour of television with an hour of exercise. Go to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier and be at work rested and on time. Take a trip with family instead of friends.

Change the focus of your life, not just one part of your day. Don’t let old habits keep you from achieving your new resolutions.